Due to the political uncertainties and the ongoing global pandemic COVID, the international business industry still faces tremendous uncertainties. The increasing number of cases worldwide narrowed all forms of business operations drastically, resulting in countries imposing travel bans and isolating borders until the lockdown period. The International and local trade faced a decline in every sector precipitously throughout the pandemic.

Hundreds and thousands of businesses still operate remotely in all parts of the world.

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However, besides the impact of COVID, modern technology, and the changing consumer preferences enabled the firms to redefine their structure and distribution channels to meet the competition. Luckily, the situation of the pandemic is slowly easing in many parts of the world. Techniques and safety measures to tackle COVID are also evolving, reducing the risk factor in resuming the businesses.

This article discusses critical steps to ensure health and protection in offices. At places where occupational exposure to health risk in the capacity of COVID lies openly, employers must implement biological risk assessment measures throughout the facility. Furthermore, companies must not overlook the need to regularly review and update the risk assessment, prevention, and control practices.

As per international instructions for COVID prevention, organizations must ensure the separation of 2-meter between every worker. However, at places where this distance is hard to maintain by practical means, other protective measures as per the given infographic source should be put into practice.

9 key guidelines for employees post coronavirus lockdown

Image Source. Employees must try to maintain at least a 1-meter distance while working. Workers should avoid any direct contact among themselves and create hand-washing habits with hygiene aids such as sanitizer, instant soap, etc. After completing any task at a place of potential COVID exposure, employees must perform health hygiene.

Furthermore, in mass gatherings, such as restaurants, management should install physical barriers, such as transparent glass or plastic screens.

Employers should also ensure the availability of free surgical facemasks to all workers, in line with health department instructions. Also, employees must be told strictly not to use the same facemask for multiple days or share the used mask with any other person. Measures that isolate the worker from the area of potential hazard are called engineering control procedures. In workplaces, they are the practices to reduce exposure chances without depending entirely on the worker to follow the instructions strictly.

Few of the most efficient techniques to implement engineered preventive measures are:. Besides engineering procedures, personal health evaluation practices must also be encouraged among the employees. Virtual health checks, such as temperature screening, can ensure safety in the workplace. However, these screening checks are not alternatives to other mandatory safety measures such as covering your face, frequent sanitizer use, maintaining distance, etc.

Electronic monitoring systems installed at the workplace entrance could contribute effectively to a prior diagnosis of hazards. During these challenging times, organizations must ensure flexible sick-leave policies, which will reduce the hazards of the virus and guarantee employee protection.

Maintain such policies and allow your employee to work from home in case of any emergency. Employers can also allow paid leaves to encourage their workers to perform better once they are back to work. Most people having mild COVID symptoms can recover in a short period without extensive medical care. Therefore, the earlier you grant your workers leave, the earlier they could return to work.

Also, many governments worldwide are offering financial aids to small-to-medium size enterprises to sustain themselves during this time. These are challenging times for all kinds of businesses across the globe. However, with resilience and generous support for one another, we can come out of the crises together.Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action. Access the exclusive Economic Times stories, Editorial and Expert opinion.

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Resuming Office after Lockdown: Follow These Steps to Ensure Healthy Environment

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resuming office after lockdown email

Abc Large. World India.The purpose of this statement is to lay down the Standard Operating Procedure SOP to be followed to resume operations post the Lockdown period.

SILA can provide support with the procurement of the above-mentioned items. Employees residing in government declared Covid hot-spots should not be allowed to resume work. In case the employees require masks or gloves to be procured by the company they must inform the company in advance.

Physical distancing is to be maintained in each vehicle. All employees to sanitize their hands at the security desk. Insist on personal hygiene of all employees and mandate the use of sanitizers every now and then. The employee will not be allowed to reenter the premises until a valid medical report is furnished proving they are COVID Negative. The recommended range is They will have to follow the necessary protocol as mentioned above.

Cooking at the facility should not be permitted. Employees must ensure social distancing when receiving any packages from the mailroom. Make the cleaning process visible to people occupying the office. This will give them comfort. Face fit-tested elastomeric half-face respirator shall be used. All drivers and personnel accompanying or travelling with the infected occupant must undergo a COVID medical test as well. Sila looks after Mumbai redevelopment with its South-Mumbai project and excels in real estate due diligence for its clients.

Other Posts.By Aftab Ahmed. NEW DELHI Reuters - India is planning to restart some manufacturing after April 15 to help offset the economic damage of a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, two government sources said, even as it weighs extending the lockdown.

One of the sources said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had directed some ministries to come up with plans to open up some crucial industries as the livelihoods of the poor were being hit. The source said the government was considering allowing the resumption of some operations under guidelines that were being drawn up. The trade and industries ministry did not reply to an email seeking comment. Dhatwalia, declined to comment. The sources, who spoke to Reuters on Sunday, asked not to be identified as the plans are still under discussion.

Separately, in a letter seen by Reuters, the industries ministry has recommended restarting some manufacturing in the autos, textiles, defence, electronics and other sectors.

The ministry said in the letter, addressed to the home ministry, that this could be achieved via reduced shifts with lower staff numbers to ensure social distancing. The sources also said that other ministries would soon submit plans on allowing partial resumptions in other sectors.

The lockdown resulted in many thousands of daily wage labourers losing their jobs in cities and leaving to return to their homes, raising the risk of spreading the coronavirus into the countryside. By Aftab Ahmed 3 Min Read. File Photo.You can send this letter by email.

Resuming Office after Lockdown: Follow These Steps to Ensure Healthy Environment

You can modify this format as your requirement. I would like to bring it to your knowledge that my wife was suffering from a brain tumor. Show your actual problem and situation. I have already discussed this matter with my head of the dept. I was on a leave for a month Your leaves amount as she was in the hospital and I have to be there for her. She is on her medication and we have hired a maid for her.

It was a great favorite of yours that you understood my problem and cooperated with me. I am back on my duty now and will try to cover all the work left behind. I have almost some half of my work. As you know from my maternity leave letter, I began my leave on [specific date. I plan to provide the high level of performance I always have in my role as a [job title] at [company name].

Enclosed are release papers from my physician stating my ability to resume my job position. Please contact me with any concerns at the above telephone number or e-mail address. Sample Rejoining Report after Leaves. Yours sincerely. All Rights Reserved.As lockdown 3.

resuming office after lockdown email

Jagran English is enlisting a few pointers you must keep at the top of your mind, once you resume the work from office. Use Mask and Gloves. Never ever leave for office without these two buddies.

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Think of them as your bodily extensions which cannot be left home at any cost. Keep on replacing them at relative intervals. Sanitise your hands after roughly every alien surface you happen to touch, in buses or trains or even inside the cab. Transport is the key. Any place where the notion of social distancing is supposed to not live up should be avoided. Make sure, you do not sneeze or cough in open. Carry a small packet of tissues or handkerchief and keep on replacing them during relevant intervals.

If not, decisively compel your employer to put in place such a system. Sanitise your hands every now and then, and ensure supremely precautious surroundings in office washrooms. If you find any COVID symptoms — cold, fever, breathlessness or loss of sense of taste or smell — stop going to the office with immediate effect and seek medical health, and tell others to do the same if it happens to them as well.

Coronavirus Pandemic 10 precautions that you need to take while resuming work from office after lockdown Jagran English is enlisting a few pointers you must keep at the top of your mind, once you resume the work from office. Representational Image.

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Horoscope Today January 21, Check astrological predictions for. Horoscope, January 20, Check astrological predictions of Taurus. This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations.Assuming the lockdown is lifted, many of us will be venturing back to the office.

resuming office after lockdown email

While many will be rejoicing in the lifting of restrictions, it does not mean life should back to normal immediately. Internal as well as client meetings should still be conducted via video conferencing as much as possible.

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Being mindful about what you touch is extremely important. Wash your hands every time you end up touching a doorknob or press the lift buttons with your bare hands. Come up with your own preferred greeting - like an elbow bump or a namaste. Wipe down your desk, mouse, keyboard and screen daily with a paper towel and alcohol rub before you start work.

Avoid using shared cutlery - if you really need to use office cutlery, try to wash it yourself. Ensure that there is a space of six feet between all seats. You spend hours at work and must maintain a proper distance from everyone during this time, whether they seem fine or not. There are no exceptions to this rule. Avoid crowded lifts and take the staircase instead. If you need to touch the railing for support, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you reach the office - even before you set your bag down at the desk.

Prepare your kit before you step out - it must include a face cover, hand sanitizer, hand soap, gloves, toilet seat sanitizer and tissue papers.

Carry hand soap in a small bottle if your workplace has a soap bar. Use gloves for whenever you need to be dealing with shared items - like the coffee machine or the office phone. Use a toilet seat sanitizer before and after you use the shared toilet. You can even use it on the tap and the flush.

Carry tissue papers to sneeze or cough into, to dry your hands and to turn off the sink tap. Save paper as well as the risk of coming in contact with papers that other people may have handled.

Office Exam Aur Vaccine - Ashish Chanchlani

Scan and send important documents instead. Keep a digital signature ready for a situation that may require it. Wear a face cover and gloves if you travel in public transport. If possible, use a digital wallet to make all payments instead of dealing cash. Wash your hands as soon as you reach home or office. If possible, you could request your manager to also allow you to move your shift timings enough so you can travel to work and back during non-peak hours.

This is the first article in a multi-part series on the precautions we should continue to take even after the lockdown is lifted.

resuming office after lockdown email

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